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Th band Blowish is indicatd tmpoay li minachs and pains associatd with a hangov, hlps stmntal altnss wakulnss whn atigu dowsinss is associatd with a hangov (alsindicatd hadachs and oth mild analgsic nds)

Th commndd dos this poduct contains about as much cain as a cup co. Limit th us cain-containing mdications, oods bvags whil taking this poduct bcaus tomuch cain may caus nvousnss, iitability, slplssnss, and, occasionally, apid hat bat.

Th TC’s attack on ov-th-count pain-livs dats back mthan a dcad. Th th cass bought in 1972 did not challng claims th ctivnss analgsics on pain-livs, only claims that on poduct is supitanoth.

Aspiin is known as a salicylat and a nonstoidal anti-inlammatoy dug (NSAID). It livs pain and dcass swlling. Cain may hlp incas th cts aspiin on pain.

Ask a doctphamacist busing any cold allgy mdicin, dit pills, pain mdication. Many mdicins availabl ov th count contain aspiin cain. Taking ctain poducts togth can caus you tgt tomuch this typ mdication. Chck th labl ts i a mdicin contains aspiin, ibupon, ktopon, napoxn, cain.

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