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The series finale of ‘Lost’, entitled simply ‘The End’ was possibly one of the most irritating series finales since the end of ‘Quantum Leap’ consigned its hero, Sam Beckett, essentially to Hell. At least the cast of ‘Lost’ is not headed there.

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01. Your opening statement should be brief and to the point. Do tell the reader what you want to achieve out of life. Give them a reason to grant you a job interview by stating what you have to offer their company that will give added value. Use no more that six or seven punchy sentences that deliver the information. Don’t resort for verbosity to cover up you lack of knowledge, if you have researched the position you are applying for then your will be able to target your opening statement to match the companies needs.

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Whenever this word is used in a sales letter it immediately lessens the impact of the phrase that follows. The word “would” is a soft word. That is, a word without power. A word that just lays there, waiting for further explanation.

Downer, J. T., & Mendez, J. L. (2005). African American father involvement and preschool children’s school readiness. Early Education and Development, 16, 317-340.

The need for speakers of other languages may one day force our employers to require that we learn Spanish or another foreign language. All the immigrants do my english homework for me coming here from Mexico learn English, often it is broken and with terrible pronunciation but at least they do learn english. That is another reason for us to learn this language so we can stay ahead of others when it comes to the job force.

The schools will either have housing or will help you with housing. It far cheaper than hotels. You might even live with a local family. I stayed for two months next to the TEFL school at the local “Mansion” for just a little over $200.00 in Phuket. I lived in Guanajuato, Mexico in a private home with breakfast, lunch and evening snack for $250.00 (2002 and 2003 prices).

For example if you love writing and have a skill to pen write-ups then blogging is a great way to earn money online. There are many blogging networks that you can sign up in. You can write for these blogging sites and you’ll be paid according to the number of visitors visiting your blog. These days, blogs can also be written in regional languages. So you don’t need to worry if you are not proficient in english. You can write your blog in your mother tongue. In this way you not only make sure your creative juices are used in the best way possible but also earn money by it.

You should also keep a pocket size dictionary handy with yourself so that you can know the meaning and note it down whenever you come across a new word. Some books for Vocabular preparations, which you can refer for enhancing your Word Power are ‘A Word A Day: A Romp through Some of the Most Unusual and Intriguing, Words in English’ by Anu Garg, ‘All about Words’ by Rosenblum and Nurenberg, ’30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary’ by Wilfred Funk and Norman Lewis.

Moreover a home-based business is an ideal idea for people who are more comfortable working from home. Some of us do not want to venture out every day in crowded vehicles to a nine to five work schedule at an office. With a home based business we can chalk out our own plan of working without having to bother about the extra costs of travel. All one needs is a bit of discipline to be consistent english grammar in one’s job at home.

Business dialogs are often boring enough as it is. The proper use of slang and a more relaxed speaking style separate the native speakers from the robotic sounding ESL learners. A list of verbs will not help because of the nature of human memory. Our brains can not remember lists of things with no meanings attached to them. The other major problem with lists is that they often include too many phrasal verbs and it is impossible to know which ones are better than others. It is better to remember a few good useful phrases than it is to try to remember some list.

If you decide to come and learn English in Christchurch, New Zealand you’ll be learning far more than a new language. You’ll be discovering a completely different way of life, a new country and a deeper understanding of how we are all the same, even with our language differences. Make the most of your encounters and time in Christchurch, New Zealand and you’ll go home with an experience of a lifetime.

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